Regional Trends in Kitchen Designs

Kitchens have changed a lot over the years, and we’re now seeing kitchens being less formal and more inviting. Whether you’re renovating your kitchen or you’re looking for new ideas, here’s how people around the world design their kitchens.

Western Kitchens Are Innovative and Trendy

For most Western regions, kitchens are always following the latest trends. They’re moving away from traditional standards and doubling up for efficiency. Western kitchens have subdued countertops, more unadorned cabinet doors, and a few touches of traditional style here and there.

In an effort to keep up with the less is more trend, western kitchens are using range alternatives and concealed storage. You might not immediately notice the refrigerator or small appliances when you walk into a kitchen today. Most likely, they’re hiding behind a seamless cabinet.

Eastern Kitchens Remain Timeless and Classic

While the west looks forward, the east is going for a more timeless, classic look. However, don’t expect to walk into a kitchen that looks outdated. Eastern kitchens have traditional elements like marble or granite countertops. Still, they pair them with colorful cabinets and match them with a statement-making island in colors like black, deep cherry, and greens.

This mix and matching of classic-styled elements and a pop of color make Eastern kitchens so fun and exciting. You’ll also notice that Eastern kitchens are highly focused on the areas where cooking takes place rather than on the island.

Southern Kitchens Are All About Entertainment

When you go South, kitchens open a bit more. Here, the kitchen is the entertainment area and where the magic happens. You’ll likely see a large kitchen island with plenty of seating space. Most Southern kitchens will also have room for a nook to place a breakfast table. It’s all about Southern hospitality.

As far as looks, you’ll still see more glitzy elements like all-wood cabinets, moldings, intense wall colors, and shinier accents in fixtures and faucets. The kitchen isn’t an afterthought in a Southern household. It’s the main room.

Written by Geraldine Orentas

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