Gift Ideas for Your Favorite 2023 Pilot

Gift Ideas for Your Favorite 2023 Pilot

Do you have a pilot in your life? And do they have a birthday or another special occasion on the horizon? Then, you’re probably trying to think of a great gift idea for them! Luckily, we’re here to share a few fun ideas to help you give the perfect gift to the pilot you know and love.

Gift Idea #1: Portable phone/tablet charger. Plane cockpits don’t usually have outlets for pilots to charge their personal accessories! So, pilots on long trips might struggle to keep their phones topped up. A portable power bank makes the perfect backup battery for all of their personal devices.

Gift Idea #2: Help them upgrade their headset. Is the pilot in your life often complaining about the quality of their headset? Or have they simply been using their beginner’s headset for a while now? If you want to treat them with a top-of-the-range option, check out the Bose A20 Aviation Headset. This noise-reducing headset delivers crystal clear audio and is one of the most coveted headsets amongst pilots.

If you’re looking for a more affordable but extremely reliable option, the David Clark H10-13.4 Aviation Headset can be purchased for under $400.

Gift Idea #3: Aviation themed decor for the home. If the pilot you know is like most other pilots, they absolutely love anything to do with flying! Explore the likes of World War 1 replica wooden propellers which can be mounted on the wall of their home to add some real character.

Gift Idea #4: Pilot bag for flights. Designed specifically with pilots in mind, this bag can hold up to two full-sized headsets, a radio, charts, tablets and still has space for any other important objects a pilot might want to take on their flight. With multiple front and side pockets, this is a premium option for any pilot that loves to have easy access to all of their gadgets.

Gift Idea #5: Portable espresso machine. Pilots don’t often get many chances to stop for coffee breaks! If the pilot you know loves a frequent caffeine fix, gift them a portable espresso machine which will allow them to make a quick shot anytime.

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