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Attractions and unique locations wanted for film production
Attractions and unique locations wanted for film production Worldwide

How to list your attraction, things to do and discounts to our directory.

Adding your tourist attraction listing into our directory and to post it on our web site is free and easy. There is no charge. Listings anywhere in the U.S. are considered.

We are seeking:
Attractions, museums, concerts, events, historical landmarks, dining and restaurants, hotels, resort accommodations, pet friendly establishments, unique, and off the beaten path “must see” entertainment and things to do for travelers and local residents alike.

If you have specials and discounts, please add them to your listing, our staff will review and add your discount on the Attractions Discounts page as well.

Multiple Locations: If you have multiple locations, you are welcome to list as many locations in the directory as needed. If you need assistance, contact us to help.


NOTE: You will be posting a complete web page listing for our users to view your information, a link to your web site, map, photos, discounts and specials if you have them.

Please be sure when you create your page, you provide the user with as much information about your destination as possible. Be sure to include a link to your web site as well as complete address and any contact information so users can purchase or get more information. Once received, our staff will review and activate all approved listings and your listing will be on display indefinitely or until you delete your listing.

1- Register: There is no charge. Once you register, you will receive an email to activate your registration.

2- Log In: After you register log In, then click on Add Your Attraction.

3- Select your state and category: Please select the proper state and category in the drop down menu.

4- Enter your attraction details: Please enter as much details as you like.

5- Upload your photo: You are able to upload one photo that best represents your service.

6- Confirm your photo is correct: Then select “list your attraction” and you will see a listing submitted message.

Advertising: If you would like to display a banner, be featured or work out additional promotions, please contact our office to discuss any advertising space we have available. Our staff can help you design a banner or you can provide one. NOTE: Advertising space on the web site is limited. Please check with us for availability.

Press Releases: We accept press releases and articles to publish on our upcoming blog and throughout the web site. To submit a press release or article on your business or service, contact our webmaster director

Featured Listing: You can opt to purchase an indefinite featured listing for only $25.00 which gives you the ability to place up to 5 photos, attachments and other files on your listing as well as front page and throughout the site promotion. 

If you need assistance you can call or email our staff.
Email: – Office: 760-735-8690 (PST)



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